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There are a couple of people who supported my trip to NY. I would like to thank very much: Marko Derksen of Marketingfacts; DaPiet (Pieter de Rijk), Jaap Bakker, Sanne Roemen en Ronald van MacRent Meppel; Erno Hannink,  René van Beeck en Freek Halsema. Thanks for having this experience which has sharpened my vision, broadened my scope and inspired me to go on making music and meeting people through music.

One interview is coming still, I have to recover a  QuickTime movie, due to the fact that while I was recording, the battery suddenly ran out. I can’t open this file of which I think it’s the interview. Anyone who knows how to recover such a file, is very welcome.
And I am gonna write an article about my experiences and my insights following the interviews and all the people I have met.

‘The 10 Be’s to make it in New York”.

Back in Amsterdam, in my new home a lovely houseboat in Amsterdam West, life is back to normal, well, almost. I am stil in the middle of moving and not all my stuff is already here, but I am hapy working and playing again.

For everybody who wants to see a concert or performance:

11 oktober: Paleis van de Weemoed, met Mirjam van Dam, 20.00. Reservations at Paleis van de Weemoed

14 oktober: Brix, Wolvenstraat 16, Amsterdam, 19.00.  Met Freek Halsema.

18 oktober: Paleis van de Weemoed.

20 oktober: Cafe Alto

3 november: Paleis van de Weemoed

You can also join me for a drink at Hotel Americain where I will be playing on oktober 12th and 25th between 19.00-22.00 hours.


Explanation about the Kyte Channel Movies

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Hi everyone,

I would like to explane how this Kyte Channel works.

You can watch ALL the movies I have made on this channel. The one shown on the screen, is the last updated.

But if you click in the tiny ‘LEFT’ button on the control panel, you can scroll through all the movies in here.

If you click on the little ‘camera’ on the screen, you arrive at the PLAY, and STOP buttons.

You can leave a comment (please do!), by joining the LIVE CHAT.

Have fun watching, I had fun making them!

Interview Ari Hoenig, NY drummer

I mailed New York drummer Ari Hoenig and asked him to do an interview with him for my weblog. “Sure”, Ari responded, “you can meet me at Smalls tonight or any other Monday night before the 30th. 10th st and 7th ave”. Wow, I thought, this is a guy who plays with one of my all time favorite pianists, Mr. Kenny Werner. And he invites me to come over to one of he most well known venues in New York. “Ok”, I thought, “this is cool.”

So, there I went, monday Sept 17th, walking from Marion’s Marquee Lounge, where I just saw the concert of Tony Scherr, on Bowery, from 3 avenue, passing Washington Square Park, Broadway, 6th avenue, passing the 55 bar, also a famous NY venue, to Smalls. It was a lovely september night, still warm at the time, and I was enjoying the special energy of the Big Apple and it surprised me that it’s just a 30 minute walk from East of Manhattan to the West.

When I arrived at Smalls, I saw Ari playing together with pianist Jean-Michel Pilc and bassplayer Johannes Weidenmueller and to my surprise, the Van Gelder Brothers, Ben en Gideon, were in the audience. I think they were improvising on Giant Steps I recall, and Jean-Michel Pilc doing amazing stuff with it. I found out that Gideon van Gelder currently is taking lessons from both Jean-Michel Pilc and Ari Hoenig, at the New School. When I spoke to Ari about the interview, we decided to do it on Friday, because it was already getting late and the jamsession was about to begin. So we had a date for next Friday, where Ari Hoenig would play with a guitar trio at Park Luncheonette in Brooklyn. And, because I never had been in Brooklyn, this was a great opportunity to visit it and I was curious, because I heard a lot of positive stories about it, how the vibe of Brooklyn would be.

So this interview was held just outside restaurant Park Luncheonette, some environmental sounds (noise) can be heard. Also, I have a ‘sidekick’ in Freek Halsema, who also asks some questions. Mr. Hoenig adressed the fact that he rarely plays in venues like this, most of his concerts are held in well known jazzclubs and concert halls around the world.

To introduce Ari Hoenig, here are some names he has played with: Jean Michel Pilc Trio, Kenny Werner Trio, Chris Potter Underground, Kurt Rosenwinkel Group and bands led by Mike Stern, Richard Bona, Pat Martino. He also shared the stage with artists as Herbie Hancock, Wynton Marsalis, Toots Thielemans, Pat Metheny and Gerry Mulligan.

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Interview Meilana, NY Saxophonist (Part II)

Here’s part II of the nice interview I had with Meilana. I wanna thank her for being so open, it has given me a good insight of her life as a jazz musician in NY. And some quotes are really inspiring.

(from MySpace) Meilana McLean Gillard is an exciting, young tenor saxophonist and composer residing in Brooklyn, New york. She enjoys creating music that is not held captive by any particular genre or label and takes full advantage of NYC’s vast artistic culture. Most-recently, you can find Meilana performing at various New York city venues like Minton’s Playhouse and Sweet Rhythm with such artists as Charli Persip and Tyshawn Sorey. Meilana recently recorded with Joan Osborne and Greg Osby. Gillard leads her own groups “Quintet Nouveau” and “Heartland” and co-leads “Symmetry” with Mingus Big Band Baritone Saxophonist, Lauren Sevian. Look soon for a nonet led by Gillard. Meilana has been a member of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra since 2001. She has performed with artists such as: Lou Rawls, Rene Marie, Johny Mathis, Mary Wilson, Debbie Reynolds, Toni Tennile, Benny Rietveld, Jeff “Tain” Watts and Gary Bartz. Gillard was born in London, UK in 1981. She relocated to the miniscule village of Ridgeway, Ohio at a very young age where she began to study music at age 7 and saxophone at age 11. Through her teens she won several awards for her efforts as a jazz soloist. Gillard studied for 2 years at Ohio State University under “Beatles” saxophonist, Gene Walker where she became developed an obsession for composition and arranging. She abandoned her small-town life in pursuit of knowledge and the desire to play with musicians of the highest calibur. Meilana moved to New York City in 2003 and began study at the New School University Jazz Program(class of 2005) where she studied privately with Seamus Blake, George Garzone, Tim Price and Dave Glasser.

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Interview Meilana, NY Saxophonist (I)

 Here is an interview with New York Saxophonist Meilana. We talked about being in musician in New York, the best way to position yourself and we spoke about what networking really means. Two quotes:  “New York? You have to REALLY wanna be here’ and ‘Be Cool, Work Hard and Stuff works Out’.

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Tony Scherr sharpens my vision

Yesterday, we went to Marion’s Marquee Lounge on Bowery. A very nice venue, in a kind of art deco style, on the Lower East Side. Every monday night, guitarplayer/singer Tony Scherr is playing there with his trio. I knew Tony Scherr from a concert back in 1999 in Tonic, also in New York, where he played the bass, in a band with guitarist David Tronzo, saxophone player Michael Blake and drummer Kenny Wollesen. A concert which still is one of my favorites ever, the vibe of the gig was so special and I felt back then, and feel still know, that this was why I was and am a musician. One of the happiest nights of my life.

And yesterday, hearing Tony Scherr play, I again, felt this kind of happiness. A feeling, which is rare, and not often found. And I learn a lot being here. I always think I find my deepest satisfaction in jazz. Which is not untrue, I am and will be a true Keith Jarrett fan. But the way Tony Scherr plays his guitar, has a deep connection with the heart of music. His sense of time, and his melodic lines, are unique to me, I ‘ve never heard this way of playing. It makes me even want to dance (and that’s special).

So, being here, confronted with several issues in my life, what I want musically, where I want to live, and so on, I felt that a lot of answers were to be found in this music. I believe the way Tony Scherr approaches his music, is the way I (try) to approach it. Making sense really, try to say something unique, with using the right notes on the right time. No ego things are involved here, just what needs to be said.

And that’s something I find less often these days in ‘jazz’. I hear too many licks, I hear to many ‘muscles’, and I see too much ‘fear for playing the wrong notes’. I don’t want too spend my time anymore on these matters. Sometimes you need some prove that real music still exist. I found that yesterday and it sharpens my vision what I want to say with my music.

I also spoke to Tony for a while. It felt somehow very good. He told me he will play at the BIMHUIS on OKTOBER 5th, with the same band. So, everybody, go there if you can.

He also told me that he had to fight for his public. Something every NY musician has to do. To attract enough audience so the venueholder keeps booking the band. Fighting for your public, means having income, means having gigs, means being able to make your music and pay the rent at the same time. We in Holland, don’t always embrace this fact. I think a very good lesson for every musician.

So I keep learning, you live and learn, and I wonder what the next lesson will be.

Out of Town

We took a 2-day trip to New Jersey/New York state to leave the Big Apple behind get some fresh air and to let things slide….

And we discovered some amazing nature and lakes, around Bear Mountain Park. And we drove around Long Island to visit the Beach…(with Bill Hicks constantly in the back of my mind…”The Beach, the beach, I don’t understand the beach……)